Tika Energy Management was founded in 1988 by David G. Christiansen. In the early years the business primarily focused on testing, calibrating, and servicing electrical watthour meters for customers in the state of Utah.

In 1993 TIKA Energy was approached by ABB Electricity Metering and asked to become one of two national ABB Metering Centers of Excellence. In this capacity TIKA Energy was to be the sole sales channel for electric watthour meters for Commercial and Industrial customers in the states residing west of the Mississippi River.

As the ABB Meter Center of Excellence TIKA Energy was able to secure other product lines that would complement the ABB electricity metering products. Those lines include: Milbank Manufacturing Company, makers of electricity metering enclosures; ABB’s Instrument Transformer Division in Pinetops, NC, makers of low and medium voltage potential and current transformers; Instrument Transformers Inc., makers of specialty instrument transformers; Cooper B-Line, makers of electricity metering enclosures; Barfield Manufacturing Company, makers of electricity metering racks; EMON Corporation, makers of digital submeters and submetering systems; Weschler, makers of ammeters and voltmeters; Electroswitch, makers of electricity metering switches.